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Does your Email address reflect your business?


Mon, 04/15/2013 - 14:45 -- admin

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Are Free Email Accounts a Good Idea for your Business?

A few weeks ago I got an email from somebody's mother on my gmail account.  I didn't know either the mother or the person she was sending that information to but she was offering her help because her son was moving.  I felt bad because from the content of the email, the time for response was already past and I didn't see it before then.  That was unfortunate but not as bad as last year when I got an email from some unknown party who was pouring out their frustrations.  The worst part was that it contained paragraphs of intimate mental health information.  All sent to the wrong person. 
Why did I get those emails?  As you know, an email address consists of a username then an @ then the domain name.  The problem with free email accounts is that their domain name contains thousands or millions of email addresses with a single domain.  The odds that your username is similar to someone elses is heightened using a free domain. 
The solution to that is to setup an email domain that reflects your business.  Like, it does more than reduce security risks.  It increases your brand presence in the marketplace.  Everytime someone types your email address (or looks at it), they are reminded of your company name.  And you know that remembering your company is what it's all about.
At YG Technologies we've helped plenty of small and not so small businesses transition their E-Mail to a stable, professional platform and because of the way technology is going, the cost is not what you think.  Call us and we'll help you wade through the options and determine a solution that works the best for you.