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The IT department for your business

Tech support when you need it That's whYG.

Hotline: 217-352-1582


ConnectME Student Networking Services

YG Technologies strives to provide the best level of service for your network connectivity.  We provide telephone support between the hours of 9am and 7pm.    If you are having trouble you can contact us one of the following ways:


Phone: 217-352-1582 (between the hours of 9am and 7pm).

Webform: At the the bottom of this page.


Some Quick Help to connect your computer:



Q. Why can't I connect my wireless printer

A. Wireless printers are great -- their convenience is hard to match when you are five minutes late to class and have a paper due. However, wireless printers are also wireless, and their signals travel over the air. That mean's anyone who's got access to the same air you do has access to your printer. The convenience of the wireless printer won't seem so great when Bob in 312 decides to print five hundred copies of the lyrics to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" using your printer.  

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